Golden Hour Piazza Venezia

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Photographed & edited by Riccardo Vincenzi. Artist's recommendation: 28" x 40" (70cm x 100cm) printed on aluminum.

The Piazza Venezia is one of the most beloved places of Rome, full of curiosities and a destination for tourists and Romans alike. Pope Paul II chose Palazzo Venezia as his residence in the 15th century and was known to stand at his balcony and admire the Berber horse races that took place on Via del Corso during the Carnival period. A Mozart concert was also organized at Palazzo Venezia who, at the age of 14, performed for the Pope.

Years later the balcony from which the pontiff followed the horse races became a symbol of the fascist period, and was host to numerous gatherings recalled by Mussolini. Mussolini established his residence in the square and created his office in the hall of the Globe. Piazza Venezia was also the set of many films, such as To Rome with Love by Woody Allen, Roman Holiday and Il Vigile with Alberto Sordi.

48 megapixel 4k drone shot. Specially edited for FineArt printing. Choose between high-quality 5mm PVC or Aluminum materials. Frame not included.

FineArt Printing is an integrated process starting with shooting, going through post-production and ending with printing. Every single step is designed to arrive at the end product. Special attention is paid to detail, depth of color, choice of exposure, and contrast.

The attention to detail of the photography, the boutique editing process, and the choice of material, form a symphony of touch and eyesight.

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