Altare della Patria


Photographed & edited by Riccardo Vincenzi. Artist's recommendation: 28" x 40" (70cm x 100cm) printed on aluminum.

The Altar of the Fatherland, known locally as Altare della Patria, is built in honor of Vittorio Emmanuel II, the first king of Unified Italy, known as the Father of the Fatherland, who took the crown in 1861 after masterfully navigating Italy towards national unity and liberation. During the mid 1800s, Italians fought to unify all of the groups existing on the Italian peninsula. This culminated in the Risorgimento, or Italian Unification, the form that Italy continues to have into the modern day. The monument is located directly in the center of Ancient Rome, and is a powerful symbol of unity and nationalism for all Italians.

Altare della Patria is also the host of tomb of the Unknown Soldier, placed directly beneath the statue of the goddess Roma. The Unknown Soldier is a representation of all faceless & nameless Italian soldiers who have been killed in action or gone missing in the peninsula's long history of wars.  located where the body of the unknown soldier is kept.

48 megapixel 4k drone shot. Specially edited for FineArt printing. Choose between high-quality 5mm PVC or Aluminum materials. Frame not included.

FineArt Printing is an integrated process starting with shooting, going through post-production and ending with printing. Every single step is designed to arrive at the end product. Special attention is paid to detail, depth of color, choice of exposure, and contrast.

The attention to detail of the photography, the boutique editing process, and the choice of material, form a symphony of touch and eyesight.

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